Monday, June 9, 2014

Improving Remote Desktop Performance using GPO settings on Remote PC(Applicable for RDP, PCOIP Or VMWare View Client)

To achieve a relatively good Remote Desktop performance,  tweak “Remote Desktop Services” GPO settings as below.


1. Open Group Policy Editor on the ‘Remote PC’ [Type ‘gpedit.msc’ at ‘Run’ prompt’]




2. Navigate to ‘Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Remote Desktop Services’




3. Now tweak the settings as given below [Sub GPO setting has been underlined]


Remote Desktop Session Host/Connections:


a.       Limit Number Of Connections = 1


Remote Desktop Session Host/Remote Session Environment:


a.       Limit maximum color depth = 15bit

b.      Enforce Removal of Desktop wallpaper = true

c.       Configure RemoteFX = disabled

d.      Limit maximum number of monitors = 1

e.      Optimize Visual Experience when using RemoteFx = (Screen Capture Rate: Lowest, Image Quality: Lowest)

f.        Set Compression Algorithm for RDP data = … use less network bandwidth

g.       Optimize Visual Experience for Remote Desktop Service Sessions = (Visual Experience = Text)

h.      Enable Remote Desktop 8.0 Protocol = Enabled

i.         Configure Image Quality For RemoteFx Adaptive Graphics = Medium

j.        Configure RemoteFx Adaptive Graphics = …minimum bandwidth usage 

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