Sunday, April 5, 2015

RaspberryPi 2, A Thinclient to Windows Azure Virtual Machines

This is my very first experiment with RaspberryPI 2 (QuadCore, 1GB model). Idea was to develop a low cost Thin client/Zero client, to RDP my windows azure virtual machines. Requesting comments, reviews and suggestions, from the readers.

A descent, enterprise level Thin client in the market (like NComputing), will cost around $112. So I thought why build a cost effective model. So the effort was to transform the new RaspberryPI 2, to an efficient Thin client. The setup will only cost under 60$ (Assuming you’ve a Monitor/TV having HDMI port).

The expedition has detailed below.

    1.Bought a new RaspberryPI 2 (6x faster, and powered with Broadcom QuadCore Processor)

    2.Installed Ubuntu (

    3.Installed Lubuntu-Desktop (To have a desktop environment)

    4.Installed Remmina (The RDP Client)

The RDP Experience is pretty smooth with Pi, and below are some screenshots from my desk.

New RaspberryPi2:


Lubuntu Booted To Desktop:

Windows Azure Virtual Machine (RDPed from Pi2):


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