Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Silverlight Dead, WPF Fading and WinRT for future

This is just a heads up, regarding one of the most praised technology in .NET world.


As you might already know, Silverlight is dead. WPF seems to fade away. This is apparent, from the below points;

1.  WPF certifications is about to be discontinued by Microsoft

2.   No seamless integration of WPF.4.5 to Windows 8+ (Probably also in upcoming Windows10)

3.   No Windows RT Support

4.   Windows Store, will not support WPF. Its now moved to a new technology called WinRT. The new way of doing Thick UI.

5.   WPF team has announced to trim down in size and Official WPF blog is inactive for a long time.

6.   The new WinRT, a new emerging technology grabbing the share of WPF.

There is a case by case analysis provided in this code project article:
WPF Future - Code Project Article

The new emerging technology for thick client development (that might replace WPF) for cloud, devices and even desktop is named as WinRT. So developers, who are thinking to invest in WPF should rethink and consider WinRT as an option.

Note: To those, who’ve put too much into WPF. Don’t worry, as the basic Xaml scripting, resource based architecture will also serve as a basis for WinRT as well.

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